Fora understands human language

Fora is capable of understanding a wide range of questions one could possibly ask when it comes to analyzing social media data. This is possible due to the propreitary Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology that powers Fora's search based analytics engine.

Rich and comprehensive analytics

Most applicable data visualization options are selected for each separate analysis and comprehensive reports are generated for the user. A combination of creatively designed algorithms and machine learning do the heavy lifting in the cloud.

Currently for Twitter

Fora currently focuses on Twitter. The volume of valuable, complex and unstructured, data generated on Twitter is huge for any marketer or data-driven investor. Fora takes away the pain from analyzing this messy data and actually makes it fun.

Seeing is
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Type your query in the input box and hit enter.
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Data-Driven Finance

Social media data can be a treasure trove for traders, market analysts and data-driven investors. Twitter in particular has streams of data that could be analyzed in real time. Fora does just that and more. All you have to do is ask.

Social Media Marketing

Any social media marketer would love to compare, benchmark and get various Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) pertaining to social media accounts. Also, social media trends can be clearly examined by using Fora. Again, just ask and Fora will do the rest!

Some key features of Fora

Fora is capable of generating analyses for a number of queries relevant to Twitter data. This makes Fora uniquely valuable to Marketing personnel and investors alike. Some of these are listed below for your convenience.

Snapshot of each Handle

Retrieve key metrics and get a snapshot of the best performing tweets and hashtags for any Twitter handle.

Compute Engagement

Calculate total engagement for any public Twitter handle and by the type of content in the tweet. Benchmark your Twitter performance against any other handle and perform any general comparison.

Compare Engagement

Compare engagements for any public Twitter handle over the last 8 weeks or most recent tweets and by tweet type.

Advanced Linguistic Analytics

Compute sentiment or public opinion corresponding to any hashtag, cashtag (stock symbol) or search term. In addition to sentiment, compute lexical diversity and word counts/ averages depending on the context.

And many more

What's mentioned above is a small portion of the analytical queries Fora can handle. We are working tirelessly to add more capabilities to Fora's Machine Learning powered analytics engine.

Coming soon

Statistics related to impressions, reach, tweet by tweet analysis and similar capabilities to analyze Facebook will be made available in the near future.

Supported by
ISU Startup Factory

Fora™ is the primary product of RandomWalk Technologies LLC (Fora LLC), founded by Avinash Sooriyarachchi in January, 2018. In June, 2018, Fora was accepted to ISU Startup Factory, a highly selective NSF funded super-accelerator program at Iowa State University, where the development of the product was heavily influenced by the lean startup methodology.

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